Is it your dream...

  • to see your name and face representing the world's biggest deisgners
  • to have a chance to inspire thousands of others
  • to experience the sheer thrill when walking down the runway

Well all dreams and goals start with THE FIRST FEW STEPS...and we want to be at least one of those initial critical stepping stones for you by paving a path to a future full of possibilities while following your passion. A future where not only will you get the chance to be the face of the fashion industry, but also be able to tap into various aspects of this fast paced and exciting world of fashion.

For the first time in the history of Vietnamese Canadians there will be a NORTH AMERICAN MODEL SEARCH AND SHOWCASE on JANUARY 22, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario organized by the Vietnamese Association of Toronto, a non profit and charitable organization. This event will be part of our special annual New Year Celebration - THE TET FESTIVAL, held at the International Center – where you will be able to showcase your talents to over 10,000 attendees.

You will get the opportunity to: And most importantly, this is where you can share and enjoy being part of something NEW!